You're on holiday but watch out

June 28, 2012
All tourists that come to France, particularly the British, are in under the impression that the French are very relaxed about alcohol and in fact have a better relationship than we boozy Brits. Not so. The French have just as many alcohol related problems as we do. Giving booze to your kids from an early age makes no difference at all when it comes to responsible drinking. 

One response by the government has been to require all drivers to carry a breathalyser kit in their car, so they can test themselves before getting behind the wheel. As from the 1st July, everyone driving in France will be required to have one and you'll be fined on the spot, if you can't show the police your breathalyser kit. The supermarkets sell them and I'm sure the ferry operators are selling them to. 

This article though, shows up the croneyism that lurks beneath this edit. The man in government behind pushing this measure though also works for the company who makes the kits. 


My New York Breakfast

June 23, 2012

This is a great breakfast to make in the summer when you have a glut of home-grown tomatoes. If you keep hens and have your own eggs it will be even more perfect.


You will need:

4 or 5 medium sized ripe tomatoes

2 free range eggs

1 clove of garlic

8 or 9 fresh basil leaves

Olive Oil

Salt & Pepper

Use a deep sided frying pan with a heavy bottom if possible, one that conducts heat evenly and that you can use to cook slowly.

Put a good splurt of olive oil in the ...

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Medlar Jelly

June 23, 2012

 This is my recipe for Medlar Jelly, adapted over the last few years from the recipes of Nigel Slater and Hugh Fearnly-Whittingstall, of River Cottage.

Despite being championed by these TV chefs, the medlar remains unknown to most people. The jelly goes fantastically well with cheese, pheasant and lamb though I have blobs of it on my winter porridge!  


I’m lucky enough to have my own, very prolific, Medlar tree which must be well over 100 years old. The original trunk is still there, though ...

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